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October 2000

The Year of
Stalemate and Sitzkrieg
The Battle Takes to the Streets

Dispatches from the Front by Burl Burlingame
10/25/00 Gannett executives attempt to derail a planned press conference by SOS members on the front steps of the News Building by hurriedly hiring a pressure-washer crew to close off the building entrance, spray water and run noisy generators. At least one TV station calls the clumsy move "sabotage." Since the building exit is suddenly locked during business hours, with citizens are trapped within, fire inspectors show up and demand an explanation of what appears to be a fire-code violation. The only way to use the exit is to trip the fire alarm. SOS had planned to complain about Gannett foot-dragging on sale negotiations.
Above, Hawaii Newspaper Guild representative Wayne Cahill attempts to talk to Democratic Party chair Richard Port and former Lt. Gov. Jean Sadako King over the roar of the pressure washers.
Above, Gannett executives, hiding upstairs in their executive suites, sent a secretary to explain to fire officials why customers were trapped in the building.

Left, a woman rattles the door in an effort to leave, but is locked inside in violation of Honolulu fire codes. Customers were forced to call 911.
10/26/00 Federal judge orders Gannett to extend the sale deadline to Nov. 6. This came shortly after Gannett executives disrupted a press conference by SOS with high-pressure hoses.
10/30/00 On the first-year anniversary of the date the Star-Bulletin was supposed to die, SOS members and Star-Bulletin staffers celebrate the stay of execution with sigh-waving and a party at Columbia Inn. That's me and Nancy McNamee above, and Ian Lind and the Gannett devil at right.
10/31/00 For Halloween, the Mystery Owner mask was popular among the staff.
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The Cavalry Comes Over the Hill

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