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We'll start by posting essays on various aspects of public and exhibition modelling, plus links to sites and companies that may be of use.

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Discuss Among Yourselves...
Basics Of Museum Modelling
The compleat idiot's guide to using models in museums.

In Search of Coherence
Some thoughts on providing context, primarily in aviation museums.

Tips on Bulding Dioramas - B-17G
Shep Paine's classic series that inspired modelers.

"What If..." Modelling
Creating an alternate reality.

Modelling and the Unwashed Masses
Some advice on interacting with the public during model displays.

Some Snapshots...
Static Displays
Models that just sit there.

Public Displays
Bringing them all out for show.

Cutaway Displays
Models that get under the skin of the artifact.

Diorama Displays
Placing a model into a context.

Interactive Displays
Models that require input from the viewer.

Overall Effect
Rooms full of models- do they work?

Groupings of models to create a larger effect.

Useful Links...
Federation of Small Scale Industries
A trade organization of model manufacturers.

International List
A good list, but it may not be running.

Scale Model Web Sites
Tony Matteliano's listing is a good one.

International Plastic Modelers Society
Current address for the USA chapter web site.

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