Overall Effect of Museum Models
Rooms full of models can strengthen or dilute their message.

Large-scale models are combined with the real thing at the Musee de'la Air.

Surplus airline models create a barrier between viewers and a large diorama at the Deutsches Museum. Not very friendly.

Models are used as graphic elements at the RAF Museum. They're hard to see trapped in these plastic bubbles.

Like a great IPMS clubhouse or gaily decorated pizza parlour, this model room at the San Diego Aerospace museum celebrates modelling, not aerospace history. But so what?

A generic early-century US Army display at the old Presidio Army Museum displays a hanging model as if it's in a kid's room. Cute. Too bad it's a British Royal Flying Corps RE8.

More models set inside wooden cabinets at the RAF Museum. Does this remind anyone else of a dressing room at The Gap?

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