Diorama Museum Models
Examples of models that are placed in a context.

This model of an S-38 at the San Diego Aerospace Museum is shown the traditional way, as if the model were an artifact itself. Context is provided by photographs and signage.

Another model of an S-38, this one at the Hawaii Maritime Center, shows the aircraft in a realistic lagoon setting, with figures to give proportional scale and detail.

The same diorama of an S-38 in Hawaii, showing the real aircraft's functions. As much effort went into the setting for the model as the model itself; figures are posed to illustrate how the aircraft operated.

Wow. This gigantic diorama of an amphibious assault at the Imperial War Museum is viewable only from tiny portholes, and it's lit from underneath, like a haunted-house display.

This diorama of the old Presido is one of the few kept by the new Park Service edition of the Presidio Army Museum, and is an artifact itself: it was built for the Treasure Island fair. Note all that blue sky!

Not as successful as other constant scale dioramas at the RAF Museum, this forced-perspective construction has planes marching off into the distance.

Action in the North Atlantic! A Coastal Command B-24 at the RAF Museum drops depth charges on a surfaced U-boat. Essentially an action painting rendered in three dimensions.

RAF bombers lumber onto a taxiway at the RAF Museum, showing the various types used during World War II. All are to a constant scale.

A tremendous amount of effort went into this large diorama of a helicopter in the montains at the Deutsches Museum. Question: Is the final message worth the effort?

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