Cutaway Museum Models
Some examples of models that get under the skin.

An aerial view of a 1/32 Bowfin submarine model, showing how torpedoes are loaded, difficult to show on the real thing at the Bowfin submarine museum. The port side is skinned and the starboard side is cut away to show the submarine's internal structure.

In a twist, here's the real thing (an Imperial Navy Mk.1 Kaiten suicide submarine) cut away and painted garishly as a model might, at the Keyport Naval Undersea Museum.

This diorama of Zepplins under construction at the Deutsches Museum shows how the airships were constructed, but the choice of viewing angle is annoying. Why not show the inside of the hangar?

An odd display at the Deutsches Museum seems to exhibit a jet under construction hidden under a freeway overpass.

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