The Thing From Another World
That Has Invaded the President's Brain!
Keen-eyed observers noticed that President Bush had something up his sleeve -- er, shoulder blades -- at the presidentiual debate. What was it? Speculation ranged from a poorly fitted jacket to a hidden transmitter with Karl Rove on the other end. But no. Actually, that where the alien life force hides that has shoved its hideous tentacles into the President's brain.
Look at the image at left. It is from the Vincent Price docu-drama "The Tingler." It shows a creature being pulled from the spine of an unsuspecting human. In another reality-based film, "The Puppet Masters," yard slugs from outer space attach themselves between the shoulder blades of humans, shoot nerve endings into their brains and TAKE OVER THEIR BODIES!
Hollywood has been warning us for years, but who constantly belittles Hollywood? That's right, conservative officialdom! What do they have to hide?
Examine the evidence, if you dare!
  • President Bush shouts for no reason? He's trying to drown out the voices in his head!
  • President Bush claims he's taking advice from God? Or a rampaging alien species!
  • President Bush falls off bicycles and chokes on pretzels? His body is just an alien puppet!
  • President Bush speaks to people who aren't there? Fight the evil alien brain, George W!
  • President Bush wants to give amnesty to aliens? You thought he meant Mexicans?
  • President Bush mangles the English language? Well, yeah -- two brains, one mouth!
  • President Bush invades countries on flimsy pretexts? To conquer the earth, one must first divide the nations!
  • President Bush owns a ranch in Texas? Duh -- you can't mutilate cows in downtown D.C.
  • President Bush's wife and daughters have glassy stares! Well, wouldn't you if you were living "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"?
So, next time the President gives you a headache, it just might be hideous, evil alien nerve tentacles worming into your brain! Or the usual neo-con migraine caused by stretching reality.

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